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About Primrose Landscaping


Primrose Landscaping Services offer a remarkable range of high quality, professional services to residential and commercial properties in Toronto and GTA. Our services include gardening & landscaping maintenance, landscape design & installation, landscape construction, tree pruning & removal, snow plowing and numerous other landscape associated services.

We are dedicated to:

  • Customising services to meet the specific needs and budgets of our clients
  • Suggesting and implementing cost-effective landscaping projects
  • Building strong long-term relationships through fulfilling our customer requirements and providing a high level of customer support.

Landscaping is a task of which combines science and art. Each element from designing a plan to carrying out the landscape process requires full attention to detail. Our team have mastered this superior skill through many years of experience in the business, this helped strengthen the services we provide for you. Sit back and leave your garden duties safe in our hands. Considering our knowledge and our vast range of services, results are accomplished through nothing less than in the most professional manner.

We differ from other landscapers through our dedication, commitment and passion to achieve astounding results. Keeping customer satisfaction, a priority of ours, we assure customers the outcome they are pleased with. We provide to you, a thorough service above and beyond customer expectations.


Maintenance is a necessity when it comes to great garden care. Once you have invested in landscaping, the last thing you want to see is your garden glum, soil unhealthy, and the trees dreary. The right property maintenance will not only be the solution to such problems, but will guarantee the garden stays healthy for the entire year with suitable seasonal commercial and residential maintenance. Look no further. Primrose Landscape Services are here to put all these worries aside. Our presence will signify the start of a blooming period to last from now until forever. We have the professional expertise and true personnel for all needs in Toronto. We also provide excellency in the work we do through utilising our knowledge in lawn science and artistic skills in landscaping, in addition to the courtesy and level of professionalism you seek in experts. We have what you need. From our wide range of landscaping services to landscape maintenance, all tailored to your requirements.

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