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Garden Maintenance Services in Woodbridge

Garden Maintenance Services in Woodbridge

If you’re a homeowner looking to enhance your garden’s appearance or give it a complete makeover, consider Primrose Landscaping and Snow Removal, one of the top gardening firms in the GTA. We offer effective landscaping and garden maintenance services tailored to your specific needs.

To help you choose the right services for your garden, we have provided a checklist of our various packages, including:

  • Lawn and Turf Care: Our services include lawn maintenance, grass cutting, lawn treatments, top dressing, core aeration, turf replacement and removal, and more.
  • Flower Beds and Hedges: We offer weed prevention, hedge trimming, weeding planted areas, pest and disease control, pruning, and planting services.
  • Miscellaneous: We provide pressure washing of paths, patios, and driveways, leaf clean-up, rubbish removal, sprinkler maintenance, irrigation systems, and more.

At Primrose Landscaping and Snow Removal, no job is too small or too large. Whether it’s shrubs or trees, we’re happy to do the dirty work for you. Choose us for reliable and professional gardening services that will transform your garden into a beautiful outdoor oasis.


Garden Maintenance Services in Woodbridge

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FAQ for garden maintenance services

How often should I have my garden maintained?

This depends on factors such as the size of your garden, the types of plants you have, and the climate. We can recommend a maintenance schedule based on these factors and the specific needs of your garden.

Can you provide design and planting services for my garden?

Yes, we can help you design and plant your garden to suit your preferences and the conditions of your property.

Can you provide advice on how to care for my garden between maintenance visits?

Yes, we can provide advice on watering, pruning, and other tasks to help you care for your garden between maintenance visits.